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Ever since I could remember I've cared about people. Did I know then, I was given a purpose? No! I simply knew I wanted to put a small smile on everyone's’ face. Ask me now? Yes I know! I know my Purpose and my mission is clear… but not just putting a smile on your face but on your heart!  Cadria Care is going beyond saying "I Care" and taking action. Care to Inspire,  Care to Empower,  Care to Embrace & I Care to help you bring out Your Queen WithIN!

equipping women like YOU Young & Seasoned with the tools Today so you are ready for Tomorrow!

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When focusing on your personal

development and growth, in return your purpose will be discover! 

Then realizing your purpose, that will serve as the match you need to light the flame that will Inspire your Passion

Now Sis, you have Purpose, Passion, and Inspiration, you now have exactly what you need to gain your confidence to put on your Crown and truly Empower, Embrace your QUEEN WithIN!

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About Cadria Care

The Queen Next Door Cadria Inc. LLC, Resilient & Refined Coaching Inc., A Queen's Approach Non-Profit, Queen's A.T.T.I.R.E Inc., and T.Q.N.D. Land of Custom Designs' Inc. are proudly owned and operated by Mrs. Cadria Spencer Hopson, The purpose behind TQND is to Inspire & Empower all women!  Through Powerful & Purposeful messages and actions today will be our bridge to a better tomorrow! I believe by Embracing all women we can help one another to build their confidence so we can all put on our crowns and truly walk in our authority so we can live our best life! 

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