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A Queen's


Mentor & Resource Club

Equipping our Young Women with the tools Today,

so she is ready for Tomorrow! 


Let's Equip Our Young Women

For Greatness

Being a part of our chain breaking program

A Queen's Approach Club, we meet weekly in a group setting for ages 8-19 and scheduled one on one check-in's. While serving as the safe place for all of our girls. The place they can come to for advice, resources, guidance, and protection from the outside world.

A Queen's Approach operates as a non-profit, because we see our Queens for who they are and not what we can gain from them but what they can gain from us.  Our Queens flourish in our group and one on one setting. With great hopes that all would become mentors to the younger girls.  


Our programs equips our girls with 

knowledge, tools and resources they need to gain their confidence, while building their strength and character, to make responsible decisions, that will teach them how to power through obstacles by showing, how to turn every obstacle into an opportunity to better themselves! 

Who:  Pre-Teen Girls Ages 8 - 13
              Teens Girls Ages 14- 19
What: A Queen's Approach Mentoring Club
When: Virtually
                First Wednesday of every month
                Queens Ages 14-19 
Meeting Time: 3:00pm. - 4:00pm.

                Second Wednesday of every month
                Queens Ages 8-13
Meeting Time: 3:00pm. - 4:00pm.

                All Queens Ages 8-19
                Third Sunday  of every month
                3:00pm. - 5:00pm.  
Where: Location Varies
Why: To equip our young women with the tools she will need Today, so she is ready for Tomorrow! 
Cost: One Time Registration Fee $25

(Group Outing) 


Girls like You making the choice Today that will Empower her Tomorrow

Meet Our 
Queen Teen
Lead Ambassador

Driona is a rising 11th grader, scholar student taking combined AP classes, honor classes and foreign languages. Driona loves to read and dance! Future goals after high school, Driona plans to continue her education by attending Howard University! 

"Queen Dri"

Driona has taken the tools she’s learned at A Queen’s Approach and started her own tutoring program “ABC’s with Dri’ Alphabets Build Character” Helping younger students find their voice in reading. Driona also believes in giving back and understands the values of dedication and hard work. Therefore, Driona offers a scholarship to low income students (girls) without fathers that aren’t present in their life called “Fatherless But SisteredUP Scholarship”


Always Prepared Campaign 

Bath Accessories
Artificial Beauty

Always Prepared

Cadria Cares Always Prepared Campaign, is to ensure that all of our young women are prepared and ready for Aunt Dot! We never want our girls to feel insecure or worried about what will end first, her feminine products or  her cycle. 

Our goal and with YOUR support, we would like to provide each member of our program with feminine products not once, but EVERY month!

Click here if you would like  to donate funds to support our  extraordinary efforts to keep our girls always prepared.

Click here if you would like to donate  product for our astounding efforts in always keeping our girls prepared. 

Level Up Fund

Education Books Bookshelfs

Level Up

An Higher Education Donation Fund

While it is ideal for all of our girls to attend college, Cadria Care understands that every child may not want to attend college, yet alone can afford it. That's why we also empower our girls to not just dream but live out their dreams. 

The Level Up Fund has been established to assist our girls in the choices she decides to make for her life.

Rather that's to attend college, trade school or even attending acting or singing classes. We truly believe the sky is hardly the limit! 

Sheet Music and Guitar

Why, A Queen's Approach 

To many young women come out of high school with so many dreams and not enough resources. Therefore, sadly getting knocked down by the"real world".

A Queen's Approach is a safe place dedicated to all of our young women everywhere! A place where our girls can receive the tools she will need in order to get back up when the real world starts to throw a punch! 


A Queen's Approach is the first place our girls can go to, that will teach her how to approach any and every obstacle that will come her way. A place where she knows she will receive the advice she needs, the resources to function effectively, the assistance she can count on and the reassurance that she will never be judged but in fact helped with actual real life solutions!

Chalking Hands