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Becoming a mentor with "A Queen's Approach"

is truly a reward all on it's own!

Ecclesiastes 1:9 teaches us ..... 

So there is nothing new under the sun. 

We understand first hand what our girls are going through or even went through because we lived through it! This is our chance, this is YOUR chance to be that woman you wished you had in your life when you were a teen and felt like no one understood you! You have the advantage because you actually lived and overcame many of the same experiences so many of our young women find themselves in. 

Your role as a mentor will be to  Inspire our young women  to new heights!


Provide Guidance when she finds herself stuck.


Motivate her when she feels she has nothing left!


Provide her with Emotional Support that sometimes, let's be honest, our teens do not want from their parents.


More importantly being that Role Model she can look up to, count on, and truly see herself as more than just a girl and more than her present circumstances. Teach our girls to know and believe what ROMANS 8:18  teaches her.... that the sufferings of the present time are not worthy to be compared with the glory that is about to be revealed to us and in us!


She will know that she is a Queen, that is beautiful, worthy, loved, cared for and everything Christ tells her she is and nothing society tries to make her believe! 

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A Sponsor Today!

Not able to become a mentor or volunteer? We completely understand! Trust me! We get it, sometimes it just feels like you are not receiving the same amount of hours in the day, yet alone, days in a month like everyone else! 

See, we understand! However there are many ways you can help our Queens!

Through your generous donations (monthly or one-time) You can still provide assistance today that will truly benefit our young women tomorrow! Let's equip our young women so that they have a fighting chance!

Hey Sis,


I know you want to make a difference in our little sister's lives trust me, nothing is more rewarding. To make an impact Today, PLEASE Complete the below form so you can make a Queen ready for Tomorrow!  

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Inspire & Empower our

Young Women TODAY, so she is ready for her TOMORROW! 

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How About

 A Volunteer

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We understand how valuable your time is, so we promise to never waste it! 

We could use a volunteer in the below areas!

Researching and Writing
Grant Writer Coordinator

10 -20 Hours Per Month

Assisting with funding, research, and the composing of grant proposals and it's supported materials to acquire funding for our programs. This is truly an very amazing opportunity for the perfect person with prior grant writing experience or just completed a grant writing course and would like to put their new skills to the test for a noble case. 

(Requesting 6 month commitment or longer)

Packing Boxes
Fundraising Coordinator

10 - 20 Hours Per Month


Assisting with fundraising efforts along with retaining previous donor relationships to support the mission and development of our program. This is an extraordinary opportunity for an individual who is outstanding with building relationships, persuading new supporters and generating resources.  

(Requesting 6 month commitment or longer)

Designer Chairs
Queen-vent Coordinator

1-5 Hours Events

Assisting with amazing workshops, events, concerts, talent shows etc. with our young women and at times other youth organizations that partners with A Queen's Approach. You will assist with events such as but not limited to self-esteem, confidence, life skills, education, employment preparedness, financial literacy, teamwork paired with conflict resolution, time management, and opinions after high school to name a few. Responsible to engage and challenge our girls in interactive activities that will promote their personal and academic development.

(Typically 1 day commitment) 

Social Media Coordinator

10 - 20 Hours Per Month


Help Support TQNDCadria and the clubs under the umbrella, to engage and help grow our online presence. We understand how important social media can be once utilized correctly. We need your help with social media activities that can further put a voice behind our name! Helping bring awareness of our organization, our mission and all that we have to offer. This is an amazing opportunity for an individual who has a strong daily presence and can communicate the company mission in an eye catching yet catchy and witty way!

(Requesting 6 month commitment or longer)