About Cadria Cares

Cadria Cares was created and designed for girls and women to become a generational curse breaker!  Breaking the chains of depression, alcoholism, guilt, shame, poverty, teen pregnancy, and all the systematic defeats that have been set up against our women. 
Instead of becoming a statistic, we become the exact formula needed to analyze and break the generational curse in large quantities for the purpose of all people! Cadria Cares promotes and builds self-worth partnered
with self-esteem, while building confidence applied with intelligence! Making our  women more than beauty and brains, but in fact the epitome of a QUEEN!

While we are based in Richmond, Virginia, through the power of technology platforms and applying the teachings of our big brother Jesus, we will meet you where you are! We are able to Inspire, Empower, and Embrace girls and women from state to state!


We approach tackle & shift the mindset on topics like...


  • Confidence 

  • Goal Setting

  • Hygiene Care

  • Self-Care 

  • Self-Love

  • Self-Esteem

  • Building lasting friendships 

  • How to speak up for yourself

  • How to take on Middle School

  • How to thrive in High School

  • How to walk into College with your head held high 

  • How to seek help if you feel Anxiety, Depressed, Suicidal, etc. 

  • Relationships (heterosexual, homosexual, bisexual)

  • How to say "No" or "I'm not ready"

  • Tell tell signs all women need to know

  • Peer to Peer connections

  • Big Sister Little Sister Mentors 

  • SAT & ACT Prep

  • Applying for Scholarships

  • Resume Building 

  • Interview Preparedness

  • Money Management 

  • Bank Account Uses

  • Credit Card Uses

  • Living on your own (What to expect)

  • And so so much more! 

Cadria Cares is inspiring, motivating and guiding our young women between the ages of 8-19 in A Queen's Approach Club!

A Queen's Approach Club is a FREE mentoring program designed for our young women to provide them with the tools they will need Today in order to be ready for Tomorrow!  

Cadria Cares is empowering and unshackling the chains off our adult women ages 20 & Up in A Queen's MindSET! A Queen's MindSET are
One-On-One coaching sessions and courses geared to reclaiming all the tools life may have tried to take along the way and the tools that may not been provided.

Young Woman with Folded Arms_edited.png

While both clubs are different in many ways, the core values remain the same.  Rather you are a Queen trying to find her crown or a Queen that forgot she has a crown, Cadria Cares is here to meet you where you are knocking on the door of your heart to help guide you from point A to point B then point C!  

Our Motto

  • Inspire our women with the urge, craving and the  ability to be

        all that they put their minds too. Building their confidence to start,

        providing motivation to keep going and being the support they will need

        to help take them across the finish line.

  • Empowered by real life lessons that Christ has taught and brought us through.

        Cadria Cares educates but not only with textbooks and resources but we 

        educate our  girls and young women with the biblical doctrine of Jesus Christ.

  •  Embrace  Once you understand who you are, you then acknowledge your authority and have the confidence to put on your crown! You then unselfishly know the job is not done until you knock on your neighbor's door and help her discover her crown too! 

My Passion is my Purpose!
Inspire to Empower to Embrace
every woman I come in contact with and in hopes you too will go out and do the same!

-Cadria Cares

Mission + Vision = Purpose  


To provide our women with the tools she not only needs Today but equip her with the tool bucket so she can also build her Tomorrow!


Teaching our girls the fundamentals of life and all that she possesses so she will be able to know what taking accountability feels like, what having integrity looks like, being able to trust, love and have respect for herself and one another!

Therefore, we will illustrate, so our young women can demonstrate commitment, dedication, enthusiasm for yourself, and everything you wish to accomplish!

The vision for Cadria Cares, is to become the foundation for all women rather they were taught the fundamentals of life and lost them along the way or were never taught them at all. 


Cadria Cares is here to equip Y(OUR) Queen's with  all the lessons we've learned, the knowledge we've gained and the wisdom in time to come! Giving  back to all of our young women today for a brighter tomorrow!


Cadria Cares is the cornerstone for our women, a place they can rely on for inspiration, motivation, empowerment, guidance, peace, love, and the fundamental reassurance that they have a crown and it is to be worn not hidden!



Cadria Cares Purpose is to renew and transform the minds of all our women. Women have been kept from tables for far too long, with what we can do, where we can go, what we must look like and so forth. 




We are here to teach all the lessons that can not be taught in the classroom and the lessons our parents did not have the privilege of receiving. We will break strongholds that cause 

generational curses! Our Purpose is to become the light for the next generation of women that are coming behind us. 

We are the burning bush that speaks out to our 

women that light their path and equip them with the tools Today so she can take on Tomorrow with Confidence!

Meet Cadria


The Queen Behind The Knock


Evangelist Cadria Spencer Hopson

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

After overcoming many years of self- doubt coupled with, am I good enough, I underwent a spiritual mind, body and soul awakening. Going from am I enough to now knowing and believing "I am more than enough". November of 2017, I posted my first blog! I honestly was unclear of what was in store for me but I knew Christ put something on the inside of me that he wanted me to birth. I was given a gift and it has a Purpose. Although I received my degree in the healthcare field with nationally registered credentials providing me the last decade plus in the healthcare field, it was then, I realized I wasn’t called to be the point of contact for CEO’s of million dollar facilities or clinic's but in fact the point of contact for Young Women like You!  

Cadria Care Inc. has been established to be the starting, turning or ending point for girls and women that find themselves lost, scared, misunderstood or simply know that their life is worth more! 

Although, I have completed a two year Diploma Program from an Accredited Bible School, I have future goals of obtaining my D.Min.(Doctor of Ministry in Pastoral Counseling) I understand man can never teach me what Christ has given to me! I study to show thyself approved unto God, I acknowledge Christ calling and yield myself as a humble, obedient servant of God. I walk in my purpose and allow Christ to use me to be the bridge from poverty to promise for all of our young women.


Speaker, Teen Mentor and Women's Certified Life Coach,  I come to you to deliver hope, resilience, confidence and the understanding of true joy so you can live in the abundance of what Christ has already stored up for you! 

I've Learned I Deserve My Best

Now Sis, it's Your Turn!