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Not One, But All Our Young Women

Women are truly the heart beat of our society but before you become a woman you are a teen and teens many times go uncared for and neglected . Empowering our teens today with your investment (donation) will not only inspire our teen for a brighter tomorrow but will be the fuel that helps light their way. This is the time when we can plant that mustard seed into a young woman and watch it blossom! We need to imagine a world where our teens and young women are supported by the communities and individuals like we support big media, sports, television shows, streaming networks etc. Can we help provide our teens with the best resources possible? YES, we can! I know that we can, in fact we owe it to them!


The Queen Next Door is based in the Metro Virginia area, and Virginia slogan states " Virginia is for Lovers" right? Let's show that same form of love to our teen girls and build, inspire, empower and embrace our children.   

Help us continue to inspire and empower our girls in the Metro Virginia area and beyond. A Queen's Approach is our FREE mentoring club for teens and pre-teens girls and our  program relies on the generosity of individuals like you. We need and want your support so we can continue to provide FREE extraordinary, life changing tools and resources to our teens providing programs and courses to our girls to:


  • Success in Studies & Life 

  • Goals Setting and Expectations 

  • Engage in their Communities through Community Service

  • Employment Preparedness matched with Interview Success  

  • Become Confident, Respectful, Upstanding members of their, our Communities 



No donation is too small or too large. Your contribution will make  an immediate, measurable, well deserved and lasting impact in the lives of all of our girls!


Thank You,

From A Queen's Approach Club Members and Cadria Cares!  

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Print Our "A Queen's Approach" Flier Today

Help us reach more girls by simply hanging our flier where you believe our program can make the most impact and help more girls!  

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